This Is Why Survivors Need The Istanbul Convention

CW: mentions of violence against women, personal account of rape, forensic medical examinations, trauma. When my court case was dropped, my appeal failed and my rapist walked free, it was more than just devastation I had to deal with. Since then I’ve carried with me a...

Ending Domestic Abuse: Are We Getting Anywhere?

Over the course of the last two years, the Speaking Out: Recalling Women’s Aid in Scotland project collected oral history interviews with 62 people involved in the 40-plus years of Women’s Aid in Scotland. Service users, workers, volunteers, academics, and politicians...

“Hello, you’re through to the helpline”

I don’t know why I called tonight.  My friend gave me the number and I laughed at her.  That’s not for me, I thought.  People phone helplines when they’re suicidal.  But my husband is out with his friends tonight and I’ve had a glass of wine.  Dutch courage. When I...

one thousand words

Photographs show us snapshots of lives and experiences but they can also mislead, misinform and show versions of a story that we wouldn’t always recognise. Most photos that try to portray domestic abuse do the latter. They tell us only young, white, slim,...

Nudes aren’t the problem; abuse is

Feminists and activists have long argued that violence against women is never the victim’s fault. We’ve done so against every other powerful influence within society arguing the polar opposite. The media especially can be quick to jump on this, coining...

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