What you up to this Sunday? In need of a feminist afternoon-off? We’ve teamed up with the Young Women’s Movement and the Filmhouse to deliver exactly that.

Once your eyes are open to sexism, inequality and gender-based violence it’s near impossible to close them again. From Hollywood to Holyrood; stories of power and abuses of said power have dominated the headlines in 2018. If this past year has showed us anything, it’s that in amongst the sea of misogyny it can be hard to stay afloat. 

Join us this 16 Days of Action for a feminist afternoon-off with a showing of a classic – Thelma and Louise followed by a discussion about self-care in the context of smashing the patriarchy with some special guests.

Self-care shouldn’t cost money so we’ve set aside some free tickets for this event. If you’d like one just email patrycja@ywcascotland.org.

Otherwise, get your tickets here!

Event details and screenshot from Thelma and Louise.

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